Saturday, 28 February 2015

When you grow before you cook,

The first change that happened to us as a family was the way we treated  our food. In the urban lifestyle anybody who cooks the food usually just buys those ingredients and makes the meal.
When we started to grow some of our food we also started to appreciate the life that's in a plant, the efforts that has been put by us and the others who have worked for us and the big role nature plays in the process of production. The result is that we have become more accepting.
Guar which would have easily got skipped by us because of its dislike then has now become a favourite since it is the easiest vegetable to grow. Some mistakes in growing radish lead to extremely small pungent roots and we experimented and found out that you can eat them raw with rice porridge (मऊ भात :-) to overcome its blandness if you don't like its combo with Indian pickles.
Today we have cooked a mixed vegetable dish. The small sized sweet potatoes in there are result of a communication gap between me and my farm worker. I was very happy to see the first snow peas produced here in tropical climate and the small quantities have been snacked and shared. The remaining pods have gone in the vegetable. Due to pest infestation, the broad bean vines have produced some meagre quantities which have ended up in the mixture. The remaining quantity has been made with drumstick pods that were shared with us by someone and potatoes and green peas bought from the market. The result is just delicious.

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